Press An artbook for TTRPG and cartography fans - A Collection of Fantasy Maps II

Announcing a new project by Guillaume Tavernier and his publishing house De Architecturart: the crowdfunding campaign for the artbook "A Collection of Fantasy Maps II", which will be launched on Kickstarter before Summer 2024.


Guillaume Tavernier is a French illustrator with a passion for role-playing games and map creation. Alongside his work for publishers of illustrated books, board games (Soul Raiders, Rise & Fall) and role-playing books (stygian Fox, Black Book edition, Evil Hat), he has set up the publishing house De Architecturart, which offers books focusing on imaginary architecture.

After a first Kickstarter campaign in 2019 for a book bringing together fantasy maps in a medieval fantasy universe, which convinced 1,500 backers, he decided to work on a second artbook: A Collection of Fantasy Maps II.

About “A Collection of Fantasy Maps II”

A Collection of Fantasy Maps II is a 200+ page artbook for fans of TTRPGs and cartography. The book contains over 100 maps in 6 different regions, featuring dozens of dungeons and locations, creatures and treasures.



4 different reward levels will be available, and contain:
  • A digital edition of the book in PDF and JPG (for VTT use) + VTT Tokens (NPC, Creatures)
  • A physical edition of the book
  • A slipcase, Printed Book and Printed Maps
  • Kickstarter exclusive materials
  • A complete Edition including the Printed and PDF version of Collection of Fantasy Maps I
  • All Stretch Goals unlocked during the campaign
  • All rewards are available in English and French.

About De Architecturart​

De Architecturart is a publishing house founded in 2017 by Guillaume Tavernier. Specialized in the creation of adventure settings, over the years it has published a number of books in France bringing the continent of Austerion to life. Each publication aims to introduce readers to a different country on the continent, and each time in an original way. For example, the land of Borth has been described on illustrated cards in a slipcase, the land of Mists as a book in which you are the hero, and the kingdom of Crown as a narrative battle game. And every time, richly illustrated with maps and sections to immerse the game leaders.

Website (french) :
Continent d'AUSTERION

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