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D&D General An awesome surprise in my mail this morning!

A while back I backed the Goliath Coins Kickstarter because I thought they looked kinda neat.

To my surprise, Joe Ward at Goliath Coins emailed me and told me he was refunding my pledge and would send me the coin for free. I was surprised and very grateful!

This morning my coin arrived.... along with several others! Double surprised! And they are just as awesome as they looked in the pictures. Thank you, Goliath Coins!


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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

Snarf Zagyg

Notorious Liquefactionist
That's great news!

Given the amount of times we hear about failed kickstarters (and/or the creatives behind them ghosting), it is always wonderful to hear about the many good ... no, GREAT people that go above and beyond.

With all the bad news that gets pumped out, it's great to hear about the many unheralded people doing more than they need to, because it's a nice and good thing.


Glad to hear it Russ. There are some companies that I still have fond memories of due to their customer service approach. Tom over at Fat Dragon was always quick to shake your hand, and thank you for even just considering his product. It's nice to see the industry still has those kind of folks around.

Goliath Coins

Owner of Goliath Coins
Why was your pledge refunded?
When I went to fulfill the orders, I was actually honored that Russ backed my project considering all that he has done for the community over the years. It didn’t seem right to charge him. And I was very surprised to see this post. A pleasant surprised when I started reading the newsletter. Also there are better photos and videos on my website.

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