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Kickstarter "And so it begins": The Seven Worlds Science-Fiction Kickstarter is now live!


The Seven Worlds Hard-Science Fiction Setting Kickstarter is now live at http://Kickstarter.SevenWorldsRPG.com!


Or, as this guy from the 90's would say: And so, it begins.
(If you know who that is, then you already have an idea what Seven Worlds is about :) ).

Seven Worlds is an epic hard Science-Fiction role-playing campaign and setting for the Savage Worlds rules system that has been recognized with the Atomic Rockets Seal of Approval for Scientific Accuracy for its depiction of the setting.

This is what early reviewers have been saying about the game:

  • "This isn’t the usual Firefly-meets-Star Wars space opera, it’s more like The Expanse… Overall rating: 5 out of 5.” Halfway Station
  • "A wealth of sci-fi that seems much more plausible than most sci-fi" -- Roleplayer's Chronicle
  • "[The Seven Worlds Campaign] would make a pretty good TV series" -- Halfway Station
  • "The Space combat system is diamond-hard… top-notch work!" - Atomic Rockets

Seven Worlds has been designed to be a unique role-playing experience for science-fiction fans, and includes:

Be a part of the launch of the Seven Worlds Kickstarter and help get the game into the hands of thousands of science-fiction and gaming fans! Visit http://Kickstarter.SevenWorldsRPG.com today to support the Kickstarter!

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And we're funded, in less than 12 hours!

THANK YOU! Now we have lots of stretch goals to go, including Poster-size PDF Maps, new adventures, upgrades to hardcover, FATE conversions, and much more!





Thank you to both! Xaelvaen for supporting, and Lwaxy for your interest! Hope to share more updates in the next couple of days!


Cute but dangerous
I posted the link around on some German forums. I still have some hopes of managing $50.

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