And the Animation: Greatest TV, Part IV


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After having well thought out criteria previously, now we get "whatever..." too hard to break animation down that way.

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No inclusion of Looney Tunes (and Merry Melodies, et al)? Shame.
I've got the six golden collections and all of the super stars discs that add new cartoons to them, and am a huge fan. But weren't the classics among those mostly non-TV shorts that were later repackaged for TV?

But anyway, those Saturday morning shows were still spectacular. The repackagings of the classic Tom and Jerry shorts were great too.


That's a great choice.

Quick- which is the best:
Tick (animated series)
Tick (live action 1, with Warburton)
Tick (live action 2, with, um ... Serafinowicz (sp?))
The Evil Midnight Bomber what bombs at Midnight breaks any tie.

My list:
1. Animaniacs - Yes, the Warners were core, but Pinky/Brain and especially Slappy were tremendous in the ensemble.
2. Batman: Beyond - The series that gave a solid Cyberpunk feel and the Bruce/Terry dynamic is probably my favorite of the pupils.
3. Batman: The Animated Series - Tough call to be #3, but that's just because I think so highly of the first two
4. The Simpsons - Longevity guarantees a top-5 spot, but there has been a lot of quality too.
5. The Uncanny X-Men - Jumps around a bit but generally does a very nice job in feel and tone.
6. Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad - (Mostly) avoids a lot of the underaged anime issues and has a good story that's somewhat "realistic". It also avoids the anime styles I really hate with oversized weapons, goofy armor, etc. naturally, in part because it isn't a combat-based story.
7. Justice League Unlimited - A little lower than I though, especially with its share of Conroy points.
8. Archer - Really tough call for a comedy choice over The Tick.
9 Tiny Toons - Updated Looney Toons with a lot less cringe, plus GoGo.
10. Duck Tales - Pure nostalgia pick. When I was in college and had some schedule flexibility, I hated soap operas that were communal TV during the day, but a small group of us were able to swing around Duck Tales.

Snarf Zagyg

Notorious Liquefactionist
2. Batman: Beyond - The series that gave a solid Cyberpunk feel and the Bruce/Terry dynamic is probably my favorite of the pupils.

Batman Beyond is one of the most criminally underrated versions of Batman, period.

If I could have one wish, it would be for no bards. Okay, if I were to have TWO wishes, it would be no bards, and for HBO Max to fund an awesome Batman Beyond reboot... imagine if they used some of that Doom Patrol / Titans money and creativity with Terry!

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