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The Geisha/Taikomochi Magewright Background comes with everything you need to build a character or NPC with a magical socialite background including skill proficiencies, a musical instrument and a tool, a language, thematic starting equipment, magical background features, and an expanded background spell list consisting of 29 spells similar to those from Strixhaven or Ravnica as well as several feats including the optional Magewright (V2.2) background feat. Also included are 5 tables that will help you randomly improvise your character biography information.​

"...The Geisha and Taikomochi magewrights, use performance magic such as the dancing lights cantrip and can magically guide others in their interactions as gestures of good faith, though be warned, the Geisha's mind can be a dagger as they may also possess the friends, mind sliver, or vicious mockery cantrips. Geisha magewrights are also gifted magical singers whose performances are spiced with additional magical mystique. A novice Geisha has also learned to prepare and cast, and ritual cast where applicable, a list of spells including charm person, comprehend languages. Find familiar, mass vicious mockery, Rolan’s song of influence, Rolan’s song of readiness, Rolan’s tavern song, and unseen servant. Such magewrights can also use a magical appearance feature allowing them to change up to 3 physical features, such as the color of their eyes, the length of their hair and the sound of their voice as well as being able to coyly charm friendly targets for a few seconds at a time which is known as 'charming.'..."

-Kingsmage, Sir Agler Gilden on Geisha & Taikomochi Magewrights​

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Tavern Song

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The Geisha/Taikomochi Magewright includes several performance and background related magic items from best selling author, Animancy Press!​

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