DMs Guild [Animancy Press] General Matick's Arcanist: A Superalternative to the Wizard Class for D&D 5e




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Get Magic Item Menagerie: Volume I for the Legendary Spell Programming Focus (the Staff of the Magi as it should have been), the Uncommon Haddri's Braclet (the ultimate spellbook, and scroll repository) and loads of other great magic items to go with your Arcanist, or get Magic Item Menagerie: Volumes I-VII + the Finder's Tables for Volumes I-VI at a generous discount. All Animancy Press titles will be updated to the next D&D edition and previous owners will get them practicly for free, WotC permitting!

General Matick's Arcanist is the ultimate solution for the Wizard class. The Arcanist is a new and improved, or rather Ancient and well studied Wizard from a time of magical decadance that gets dual subclasses, expertise in Arcana, and more as a result of living in a society that has achieved immortality, built floating cities, and rivalled the very gods themselves!

Included in the package are; 9 discipline subclasses, 3 tradition subclasses (choose one of each), and access to 10th-level spell slots. Keep an eye out for a soon to be released Repository of 50+ Animancy Press Original Wizard spells including spells of up to 11th-level! Also look for an adventure built for this subclass in the coming days.

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