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(announcing) Complete Mafia: West Coast


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Produced by South Jersey Rebellion Productions
Published by The Le Games
Available May 13th, 2008

Mr. D. returns with his long-awaited follow-up to Complete Mafia for d20. Complete Mafia: West Coast covers the Triad, Yakuza and Red Mafya in more detail, while expanding all the basic characters classes to 20th level. Over 20 new character classes, dozens of new weaknesses, six new campaign settings, new vehicles, new weapons and much more. Play new family bloodlines from ancient China and Japan to the present day and add a full integrated campaign setting to expand your existing Complete Mafia game. The historically accurate timeline and mob glossary also make for an excellent resource book. Don’t dishonor your family, check out Complete Mafia: West Coast!

About South Jersey Rebellion Productions
SJRP has produced the projects of creator, Tony DiGerolamo for over a decade. Visit http://www.thefixsite.com to get your Complete Mafia: West Coast info straight from the source; Tony DiGerolamo AKA: Mr. D. Also visit Living Room Games at www.lrgames.com to get the original Complete Mafia for d20 book and the over 50 scenario downloads that are absolutely free.

About The Le Games
The Le Games was created by The Le (pronounced Tay Lee) on his dirt slow computer in Ohio. Four years and 45+ books later, The Le has recently upgraded to a slightly faster computer to provide the best RPG supplements around. The Le Games - We Enhance Worlds. On the web at http://www.TheLeGames.com



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