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D&D 5E Another Iteration of AD&D/Gestalt Multiclassing Looking for Feedback


Can choose AD&D/"gestalt" multiclassing at level 1 with two classes (gaining xp at half rate, avg hit points round down, choose one class for saving throws, average number of skills round down chosen between the two classes, armor/weapons/tools stack, each class gets separate spell slots, and ASIs/Extra Attack gained on the same level don't stack), but the only subclass powers gained are from the 1st level Cleric/Warlock subclass powers (PHB only) and no TCE optional powers are gained (except level 4 versatility options).

The following splits are available:
Two martial classes (chosen from Barbarian, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, and Ranger)
Cleric options: Barbarian/Cleric, Cleric/Fighter, Cleric/Monk, Cleric/Paladin, Cleric/Ranger, Cleric/Rogue
Druid options: Barbarian/Druid, Druid/Fighter, Druid/Monk, Druid/Ranger
Warlock options: Barbarian/Warlock, Fighter/Warlock, Monk/Warlock
Wizard options: Fighter/Wizard, Monk/Wizard, Ranger/Wizard, Rogue/Wizard

E.g. a level 9 Barbarian/Ranger would have received 96,000 xp (instead of 48,000), gain 6 hp/level, choose either Barbarian or Ranger saves, and start with 2 class skills (chosen from between both classes). A level 10 Cleric/Paladin would have received 128,000 xp (instead of 64,000), have heavy armor/martial weapons, could smite with up to 3rd level Paladin spell slots only, cast up to 3rd level Paladin spells with Paladin spell slots only (4 3 2), and cast up to 5th level Cleric spells with Cleric spell slots only (4 3 3 3 2).

A comparison of Barbarian/Fighter 11 (170,000 xp) vs Fighter 11/Barbarian 4 (165,000 xp):

The AD&D multiclass gets the following unique features: Fast Movement, Feral Instinct, Brutal Critical, Relentless Rage, +1 rage damage, & 1 extra rage

The standard multiclass gets the following unique features (in addition to being level 15): Barbarian subclass power(s) 1, Primal Knowledge (from TCE), 1 extra ASI, & Fighter subclass power(s) 1, 2, & 3
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