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Anubisware Encounter Manager


So, I've beeen using the encounter manager on my laptop to run my campaigns and it works great. However, I updated to Windows 7 and now I can't find it...correction, I can't find the 64 bit version, which is what I need. Apparently, Geek's Dream Girl and him had a falling out, and I can't seem to get the forums for it to work. Can anyone help me? Also, I noticed V1 dropped the monster stat blocks...is there any way to get those back?


Azraeus, what's the program like? I know little about it.
It's built for 4th Ed. D&D, but usable for others (and FREE)

-Tracks Initiative
-Tracks HP and Defences
-Tracks attacks
-Tracks Status effects (including a "did X save against Y" pop up box)

It does more, but I basically use it for those things. If you DM 4th with a comp, there is absolutely no reason not to use it.
I've recently started looking for a 64 bit version of this app too, but I am unable to access the forums (I get 404 errors for anything on anubisware.com) does anyone havethe 64 bit version? Does it even exist?