Any news on when the open playtest starts?

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With spring being March, April and May, I am gonna shoot for a May 23rd release. I wish it would be before, but my guess is that WotC will try to get as much as possible done before the "deadline".


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I can´t tell you when that will be, but based on what happened today, I can tell you that for some people it will feel like "as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced."

Except for the silenced part.
Don´t expect much silence.
Or civility. ;)


No clue. My assumption is that they're waiting until more rules are written and checked before opening it up. It makes sense that they'll want a choice of modules available, so both 4e and old school fans can use rules that support them.


Yeah, this planet would be a great place if it weren't for the people.

Anyhoo, the playtest NDAs from DDXP are up in May. That's a pretty big clue, I think.

With the 'leak' of fake info I would hope sooner rather than later, or at least release some more hard info sooner. Anyone with an anti-WotC grudge can release like that fake and cause all sorts of internet damage.

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