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Bhryn Astairre

I will give an amount of 10GP to the best five poems I can find, celebrating a birth of children.

In context, these children will be draconic of nature.

That's 50gp up for grabs to the top five... and the best poem of the entire lot, will win 50gp atop.

I know it's not much to some, but to others it's a lot.

The poems don't have to be long, sometimes the most succinct are the best. Please post your entries here for me to review.

~ Bhryn Astairre

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First Post
In guidance from a distant star
the fret of fear and anxiety bestowed
The giver given and for all to cherish
Be it in prayer or in fate's calling
To dance with the strings of fortune's wonder
Fear not the cataclysmic torture you now face
Nor the pain of days' triumph
For in the end, all things embraced
Shall overcome the heartfelt wonder of creation
Ah, but in the smile and warm caress
She dances in the shadows of future memories
Though the clouds reach down to grey the world that surrounds her
Her eyes light the skies of fortune
Broad expanse shall be her victory
Taking flight to the night sky with wings of fiery grace
The embers of youth shall ne'er smolder to ash
Be it such that the flame is stoked with love
And the dance of the dragon... that eternal wisdom
Shall caress the soul from above
And as the egg drops blissfully to the ground,
A voice is heard... 'Omelette anyone?'

--Maciver, Noble, House of Thylandrill;
Bard in training (B.I.T.)
Mentor: Eryk of the Quickstrings


Agudo Archmage

Poem #1 Kissing Up To The Judge

A long yellowed parchment that is slightly curled at both ends.
It is written in fine rose script and smells of strangely enough of apple cinnamon
Hanging magically just below the last poem, it un curls as you approach.

Ye of the world bow before the Angelic Lady of the Stars Bhryn.
Who has graced the Realms of the mortals once more.
With just a wink of her alluring eyes and her come hither smile; she sets the hearts of men a flutter.
Lets us bask in her warm glow and breath taking beauty.
Even flowers have been named after her, colorful jewels and great works of art as well.
Yet all pale in comparison to this starry jewel, of the enchanting night sky.
Like the sun above! The radiance of this forever appealing Bhryn Astairre; shall always shine brightly in the hearts and minds of poets everywhere.

By the Wizard of Light

Walking away from the boards, a blue and white robe Wizard can be heard saying aloud.
To his faithful snow owl companion on his shoulder.
“Either Bhryn will be wondering…… why is Agudo flirting all of a sudden?
Or how come a certain aficionado, from the Realm of Icefalls didn’t write this?”
Perhaps it’s to keep that gentleman on his toes…. And buttering up the judge for the gold coin I think" ;)

With that he laughs and walks into the crowded streets.
Smoking his long corncob pipe, filling the air with the smoky sent of apple cinnamon



Time in Amber

A young man wanders up to the board, whistling idly, and tacks a rumpled piece of parchment underneath the others. He pauses and peers closer at the first poem, reading it over. An expression of wry irritation slowly covers his face and he turns on his heel, muttering darkly as he heads out. "Maciver, I'm going to bleeding -kill- you..."

There is a moment
A held breath between the footfalls
Of night's last shivered dreaming
And light's first kiss
On far mountains in the East.
I'll show you.
There is a moment
In the whisper between heartbeats
When the wind will catch your wide spread wings
And hold you
Brief cousin to the sun.
I'll show you.
There is a moment
In the living night of winter
When the stars are hanging frozen,
And a sigh
Would shatter them to dust upon your scales.
Child, I'll show you.
For you are born of fire and moonlight,
And the world is bright before you;
Full of riches,
Scattered seconds caught in amber in your hands.
But for now,
In this moment,
Stay soft sleeping on my breast.
Sweet bairn of mine,
Dreaming moments in my arms...


First Post
This probably isn't that well written, but this was too much of an opportunity. Thank you very, very much, Bhryn, for making me write this.

My Girl

I look down at my girl
How can I frown anymore?
A little gurgle;
Drool dribbles down
Her cheek.
Her smiling eyes could de-crown
A king.

She laughs, like she knows
What she does to me -
Just shows how much it shows.
Her face glows,
She provides my light.
Without her I couldn't see,
Yet with her, all I *can* see
Is her.

I see in her everything I wasn't,
I see what I could be,
A future looks me in the eyes,
Reflects my own smile back at me.



Bhryn Astairre

I have to say, the poems are absolutely excellent!

Agudo dear, "child" not "me". But thank you, I'm very flattered!

I just need a couple more poems about dragonlings and children and then I will be able to hand out the prizes!

Keep it up, you artistic Souls.

~ Bhryn Astairre


Agudo Archmage

POEM #2 Dragons and Children Realms

((Teaches me to Kiss-up to the judge, before I read the whole thing :p ))

A second poem magically, appears near the last.
The delicate soft paper seems to be made of rose petals.
The fine writing is of a antique style, long since gone in today’s barbaric world.

Out of the corner of the eye you see Unicorns and Dragons
You here the buzz of Fairy wings.

Tuck back in your mind, behind the numbers and responsibility’s.
Lie the fancies of your childhood.

Wake them from their slumber!

It was the only time that you saw what was truly real.
You knew about Fairy Rings and Pixie Dust, Garden Gnomes and Sprits.

In the glowing flicker of the Candlelight.
You step into the ancient woods.
Amid the hush of Owl Feathers and the crackle of Bracken under your feet.

Peer into the Pond and see Merfolk gazing up at you.
Enter the mystic Realm of the Dragon Kind and Children.

Paraphrased from an Epilogue Art Pick.
Left here by a less sly and more humble Agudo the Wizard of Light ;)


Agudo Archmage

Poem #3

((Not sure how many Poems are alowed? This is my third...But I think only this one and the one above follow the rules :embarrass ))

A blond hair Wizard walks up, and with a sad smile, leaves this poetic note.

Be glad that you’re still a child.
For I promise you little ones
That world is full of things that make grownups cry.
And know this! That is not all young lads and lasses
The nightmares you see in the night, are not always just dreams.
Sadly when you grow older they become quite real in this dark world.
So enjoy the Realms of Santa Clause and Elves while you can.
May you never loose your Light that shines in your heart and mind.

Melancholy writing
By Agudo



Mischeivious Infant

Therein lies the scornful fate of birth,
Where all that forsake the dark lord will feel the wrath of his scepter,
Those that seek refuge in his hollow will be first victims,
He striketh like the cobra in the dark heavy night fog,
The venom streaks his veins and fulfills his fantasies.

I am the offspring of the great clan of BABBAT! All who challenge
will fall. My numbchucks hurt really ****ing bad and ****. Popsicles
are for the damn summertime. Not winter. Summer. Pasicis is my
father. He has damn horns...growin from his ass. You don't wanna
mess with him. He's a bad bad man. I wanna kill him everyday for naming
me Babbat.... :weep:

Epic Threats

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