Anyone else backed Dragonbane?


I'm liking it a lot so far from the Beta pdfs and Quickstart - love the Scandi art, but the big thing is that it takes BRP/Runequest and removes all the fiddly bits that bug me, while adding a lot of cool stuff. It sits kind of between Runequest/Magic World and 5e D&D, with a Scandi overlay - all good flavours that seems to combine well. I was wondering has anyone played/GM'd it (or a recent version of Drakkar och Demoner?) - if so, how did it go, and what should I watch out for?

I started a page for hopefully running a campaign Dragonbane - Starter Rules
One thing I was wondering is if there's a good way to run it on Roll20?
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I've been on the fence, but I realized that my trust in Free League is high enough that I'm just going to push the big red KS button.

I'd say that if you like the look of the free Quickstart on the Kickstarter page, then go ahead and back. The Beta pdfs they sent me on backing are already very nice and polished, with plenty to run a campaign it looks like. They include the Misty Vale campaign which is pretty substantial and has a wilderness sandbox + overarching quest design that I really like. I love how the Monsters are done as terrifying forces of nature/the supernatural, in contrast to regular 'creatures' like PCs & goblins.


I backed it. They make pretty games, and "Drakar och Demoner" is the biggest name in Swedish rpg history, as that was the first game. And yes there are plenty of modern retroclones.


Ran the quickstart adventure at CON-tingency last month. Went very well. Lived up to the "mirth and mayhem" philosophy.

The only thing I'd say if running the quickstart, get the demon roll (ie fumbles) tables from the beta rules otherwise demon rolls are a bit of an anti-climax.

I also backed the Kickstarter. The quickstart seemed promising and Free League stuff generally resonates with me. I didn't run the game so far, though - that'll have to wait until the final version.


Backed it was looking for something a little different from the D20 family of class-based games for fantasy but still simp[le enough and intuitive enough for my less experienced players to pick up. Free League does good work and so far Dragonbane just continues that. I've only read through it as I don't want to run it until the rules are finalized (to avoid any confusion with said new players) but so far I'm really looking forward to getting it to the table.


Well it looks like we're playing next Sunday - got 5 of my regular D&Ders who are up for it! Two are driving 3 hours for game!


Yeah I can understand that. Myself I just had my first fan expansion for the game published in a Swedish RPG magazine. No waiting for finished rules for me! :D
There are unfinished games where I don't mind. For example, I playtested the rules for Fantasy AGE 2e, a bit for Shadow of the Weird Wizard, and Stonetop (a Dungeon World hack), but I have a prior base knowledge to work from.

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