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Anyone enjoying Lost in Space Reboot


It’s been out a few years now and up to season 3.

I’ve only just discovered it, and I must say I’m quite a fan. Don’t want to add spoilers but it feels like a series that is full of adventure. The worlds are pretty well detailed and interesting. There are lots of NPCs… I mean supporting characters. The primary antagonists are pretty intimidating.

It’s also funny. Particularly Don and Dr Zoe Smith (who is a glorious reinvention of doctor Zachery Smith and a far more 3d character)

They pass a hell of a lot of Knowledge checks and are already on the receiving end of whatever awful circumstances befall anyone… so kinda like the typical adventuring party.

I’d cheerfully recommend it. Here’s the season 1 trailer.


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Mod Squad
Staff member
I liked the first season. Unfortunately, it is in my queue of things I watch on my own, as my wife isn't really a fan. And, with covid-time, my wife and I are usually watching stuff together, so that queue doesn't get any shorter.


I quite enjoyed it, even though I was raised on the original. I thought that it was a much better take than the 1998 movie and managed to tell a new, and interesting story while using the same basic framework.

Greggy C

I liked the first season, then at some point I lost interest when things were getting more and more fantastical.

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