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Anyone running a HERO System game on Discord or the like?


Peace Among Worlds
I love HERO System. I think I have just enough room in my life to cram PCing in a HERO System campaign in and I'd like to fill that space in my "free" time with just that.

I know 5E Revised like the back of my hand so I'm pretty sure I can figure out 6E (or for that matter, 4E) without too much trouble.

I'm more down for Champions, Star HERO, Fantasy HERO or some crazy awesome blend of the three (I'd prefer superheroic characters in other words), but if someone happens to be running something more like Dark Champions or Pulp HERO on the webs and has a slot for me I certainly wouldn't turn that down.

I'm practically sure there must be someone on Discord (or the like) running a game of HERO that could fit another player. Where it becomes a longshot is that someone happening upon this thread. But anything is possible!

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Hey, ever find a game? I’d love play something, but would probably be willing to run something as well (long time Hero fan - since ‘85 or so).

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