Anyone seen or created an expanded spell list for the Urban Druid?


I posted something similar to this over on the Paizo boards, but I have a feeling these boards are more active. ;) I'm playing an Urban Druid (from Dragon #317 and updated in the Dragon Magazine Compendium) in my current campaign. I'm really liking the class- good balance and great flavor, especially for the type of game I'm in. The animated object companion has been especially useful. (I chose a small pile of rope, which equated to 300 feet of animated rope! Not a combat monster for sure, but it's been extremely useful) But it's spell list, while thorough, is certainly lacking considering the plethora of spells released beyond those in the PHB.

I'm wondering if anyone has seen or created an expanded spell list that includes the Spell Compendium and PHB2? Does anyone have suggestions on which spells to include in an expanded spell list? It's a shame to have such an interesting class effectively hampered by a spell list which seems quite limited in comparison to "normal" druids and other spell casters. I'd greatly appreciate any help beefing up the list. Thanks.

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As a DM of an Urban Druid, I allow spells on a case-by-case basis. The player brings up the spell he is interested in using, and then I decide if it will be on his class list or not. If it is, I ask him to pencil it in the spell list of the photocopy of the article he uses.

Generally, I allow spells that are variations of spells that is already on the list.


That'd probably be the easiest way to do it. Do you happen to have a list of spells you've already approved?

And how about variations on spells to a more urban theme. For instance, kelp strand (SpC, p 128) is an excellent druid spell but obviously doesn't fit the theme of an URBAN druid. But if the spell were redone as ROPE strand it would make perfect sense. Just change the +4 bonus within 300 feet of the ocean to within 300 feet of a city!


When I ran a game with an Urban Druid we were playing in Ptolus. I allowed the urban druid to add the spells from the Civilization and Technology domains to his spell list. It was a simply and quick fix and fit the flavor of the setting, given that the urban druid carried a pistol. So as a DM it would really depend on the setting. If I were you I would just start coming through books that had urban themes and approach your DM with any that you like, whether they are divine or not. You might be able to sell him soem appropriately themed aracane spells by agreeign to treat them as one level higher than they are listed.

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