Anything but D&D -- GM looking for players in the DFW area


I am a recent-ish transplant to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, looking for a couple extra players to round out an ongoing gaming group I'm starting up. I'm looking to kick things off by running Prowlers & Paragons, a Superhero RPG that looks to be fairly rules-light and easy to learn; but over time I'd like to give other genres & systems a try as well -- I've got my eye on Monte Cook's Science-Fantasy game "Numenera", Sci-Fi Survival Horror RPG "Mothership", and maybe even try a Star Wars game using the Cypher system; if anyone else has an itch to run something, you're also welcome to take a turn in the GM's chair.

The plan is to meet on alternate Fridays from 7-11 PM; message me if you're interested -- all ages and experience levels welcome.

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