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ZEITGEIST Apet Ziggurat question


My players entered last night, and par for course, made a bee line straight to the final room via the central path. They triggered the Nem trap, and in order to prevent them from triggering the final trap, I had all the zombies flood in the room (with the exception of the BIG THREE from the entrance, that might have been a TPK). My concern is that the players will still trigger the final trap and be forced out before they search the rest of complex. Not a huge deal if they miss some encounters (but all the work I put into the rainbow room on roll20 will have been a waste), but will they be missing any key information when they return to Flint?

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Andrew Moreton

No. The only useful follow up clue is tracking down the missing seal and the people who stole it with the detect planar energy cantrip. The Voice of Rot can also make sure they pick up any useful information when he intimidates them as they leave.
My players did not search the rest of the complex and they didn't have any problems