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D&D 5E Apparently Apotheosis Studios Is Rebranding (Updated: their writers are creating another studio)

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Well it's good to see this getting clarified, but the first email was shocking - and I'm considering they got my email address from Apotheosis because I'd signed up for the Red Opera.
I'll try to get my post updated so people aren't confused further.


/me Looks at post, looks at calendar, looks at post, looks at calendar


Listen, I gave it an opportunity, but 2023 failed to live up to expectations. Wrap it up, I dont have it in me to give a naughty word about yet more hobby drama. I dont even care who's to blame. Hasbro? Wizbro? Cocks? Whoever these people are?

In fact, IN FACT. I'm done with all of it, and I'm about 1 more straw away from the back breaker. :LOL:

Spoiler: in a future it will be acquired by Disney, and the battle of the bards will be a gay-friendly musical cartoon in Disney+, of couse, those scenes will be easy to be edited to avoid homophobic censorship in no-Western countries.

It looks like they also made a handful of posts in the Comments section of the Battle of the Bards Kickstarter, where they are explicit about it not being in any way connected with Phoenix and Stone:


OH CRAP! I just found this! So..yeah, I'm Rick Heinz!

I'm actually a huge fan of Enworld and even interviewed with Morrus before and worked on the press coverage side for things over here.

So, funny story: the reason I'm not dropping the Red Opera is because it's our book. We brought it to Apotheosis for publishing and then ended up writing Sirens when things spiraled out of control very fast. But! We have a ton of ideas, and had to make a call: let those two make us stop writing, or just...lift up and go for it.

It was either that, or just let years of work go poof. Nah, not going to happen.

So...we make things like this!

Which is our official trailer for the Black Ballad!

I'm certainly sorry for any confusion! Our first mailing list was entirely because just like I'm the Author of The Seventh Age novels (sarcastic stuff about the end of the world), same with the Red Opera, and the mailing list that Apotheosis started with...sigh was my author mailing list.

That...that was why it was in first person. I...just honestly underestimated that people ONLY saw the faces, and the creators of the stuff were just ghosts.

But! It did REALLY cause me to jolt awake at 11 am in my office when I saw someone's response lol.

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