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Appeal - New Traits

Boat Nectar

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Hey all, I apparently picked some traits that haven't been approved yet and I was wondering if it would be possible to get a definitive opinion on whether or not they will be allowed as opposed to waiting for the entire Ultimate Campaign book to be approved. (the pathfinder srd shows both traits under the APG when you use the filter)

Anyhow, straight to the point. Traits, at least from what I have seen, are generally about half of a feat in power. The two traits that I would like to use are:

Reactionary: +2 initiative


Magical Knack: +2 caster level (not to exceed hit dice) for one spellcasting class.

As you can see both of these traits are roughly one half of a feat in power. (Improved Initiative and the 3.5 feat practiced spellcaster.)

I especially think the Magical knack trait would be great to have as it really allows for players to multiclass easier, which in my opinion, can lead to some really interesting character concepts.
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Both of those traits were originally printed in the APG, an allowed source for Living Pathfinder, so you are ok to use them.

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