Arcane preparation (T&B)

Brown Jenkin

First Post
I need a feat soon and I was looking around when I ran across this again. I had originaly disregarded it since I don't use metamagics but as I re-read it I was left confused since the language is vague. It says you can prepare spells like a wizard and then says that this can be used to prepare metamagic spells at higher levels. Is this only to prepare spells that you already know as a sorcerer or bard with metamagics or can you use it to prepare other spells from a spellbook as well. I know the splat books are poorly written so I was hoping to get a better sense of the intent on this.

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Crothian's got it. What it allows is to be able to cast metamagiced spells as a standard action since they are prepared and not altered spontaneously.

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