D&D 5E Are ranged attacks too good in 5e?

Oh or a Monk.

They can close 40' without dashing, so....

EDIT: and how did I forget Barbarian?

Barbarians get freakin' advantage on initiative, so clearly they are going to either die to the goblin or to their wizard.

I'm being a little tongue in cheek, of course. The main point....yet again...is that even if you have initiative you have the option of closing part of the distance and holding your action. Or doing something else. Before the goblin acts. And that works for all classes.

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A fighter is a class that uses the same weapons and armor as a dozen or more other professions that aren't as competent. There is no "dresses like a fighter." There is only guy with weapon and armor.

Sorry, I meant "fighter" in the generic sense. A person trained in the use of the armor and weapons they have. As opposed to, say, a wizard. Or a merchant.

On the other hand, I think it's a little unfair for the players to be allowed to strategize, "Well, we're 40' away and goblins have 30' of movement, thus..." but the poor goblin can't infer anything from his opponent's gear and has no choice but to banzai in at full speed to his likely demise.

Certainly not how I play.

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