D&D 5E Are there any superhero monster manuals?


Hey, I'm trying to prepare a campaign where the players are superheroes however I can't find any supervillain enemies and I don't feel like writing a butt ton of homebrew. Got any ideas? Ps. they don't have to be official or from dnd they just have to use the d20 system

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About the lore you can search fandom wikis about comics, and about creatures with stats then my suggestion is monsters with psionic powers.

Marvel Civil War is a good example of how superheroes can face each other because they can't agree about certain matter.

Depends if you're looking for system-specific stats or just for ideas. For M&M3e there's Rogues Gallery and Threat Reports from Green Ronin, but also a load of 3rd party stuff if you're willing to poke around DriveThruRPG. Rogues Renegades and Rivals is a good 3rd party line, as is Algernon Files (sadly abandoned early in M&M3e, the 2e version was more complete)

But pretty much every superhero game has a comparable book (or books) that you could use for inspiration. M&M and S5E are the closest you'll get to d20, though you'll still need to do some not-insignificant conversion work from M&M.


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For what it's worth, with Mutants and Masterminds, each edition moves the game further away from d20, so if you want something as close to D&D as possible, you might want to go with first edition.

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