Are You Looking For All My D&D 5E Fan Resource Articles?

A few people asked, so I've hunted down all of the D&D 5E fan resource lists I've made (turns out I've made 11 such lists since July 2014). In total I've listed somewhere in the region of 250 blog posts, PDFs, free adventures, backgrounds, monsters, house rules, and more (or 1,250, depending how you choose to count them). I hope you enjoy this series and find it useful! I'll keep doing it as long as folks read it!

For the full category, click here. Alternatively, on any of those articles (or future ones in the series), hit the "5E Fan Resources" link at the top for the rest.

A few people have asked how I compile the list. I trawl the web, including blogs and social networks, and list what I find and what catches my eye. More importantly, folks drop me links and ask to be included, which I'm happy to do (I just slip those emails into a little folder and drag 'em out when I next to a list). There's no real science to it!
Russ Morrissey