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i am looking for a specific type of armor. it is known as Balrog armor. it is magical and i require it. if anyone can aquire it or aquire a similiar type of armor, i would greatly appreciate it. if it cannot be found, then i require a suit of demon armor with wings of ash and flame. the armor should be able to produce mist, shadow and ash about its wearer at all times. ask for me by my name...thezdemeus

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Bari wanders around, until he spots this particular message on the corkboard. And he lofts a brow.

Armor with wings of ash and flame that produces mist? This guy is a -complete- psycho...

And off he wanders.

Mr kikonos

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Wings of ash and Flame you say? though i dislike demons and their kin with a passion i will refer you to someone i know from a while back.. he shall visit you with the details


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A drow drapped in red silk dress walks up to the broad reading over the bulletons of the week. She smiles slowly when she reads about the armor. Shistal takes out a parchment of paper and writes in blood red ink and pins her note onto the broad covering all other's responds to this note
Dear Thezdemeus,
My name Shistal and I am weapons and armor maker, this armor you are requesting is one of the few I am so well at making. If you want this made to fit your body and be perfect, and top noch please contact me or come to my home where I'm most likely at. The way to get to my home is rather easy just [insert some fun directions to some fun place to where her home is]. I would be please to make this armor for you and I hope you come to me.
((you know my email and fun stuff so just email me or message me if you want to do this ^_^ ))

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