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Listen up, soldiers!

My company High Level Games is Kickstarting this new TTRPG, which uses the 5e mechanics as a baseline. A bit like Pugmire 1st Edition or Mutants and Masterminds uses it as a core engine, but then goes different places for different reasons to get the feel of the genre and simulation closer to what you might want. We totally get the mentality of "please play another RPG" right, but the tactical simulation toolset of D20 in its various forms does lend itself well to a game of soldiers on the field of battle. Of course, the resinous people of our world setting are locked in an epic battle with other plastic creatures, the Vespoids. Imagine the tub of plastic bugs you would find at a dollar store and you're bang on for what we are thinking. But, prior to their incursion the people of the world were at war with one another, so there is tension between them that creates a really interesting world setting.

The way we've designed the game you can either play it serious, or play it silly as if these are plastic people in a kid's backyard playing pretend war. If you go serious you can tackle the ravages of perpetual war and PTSD, or just blow up little plastic people and laugh the whole time you are doing so. We wanted it to really shine as a vessel for either form of role-playing game.

You take on the role of one of 5 casts, effectively the classic Army Men toys you'd play with in those cheap packs. You've got Medic, Ordnance, Tactician, Grunt, and Scout, and 3 subclass options for each cast, meaning you can have 4 Grunts in a game and still customize them to your own interests. On top of that we've got a really deep equipment, background, and Exploit (feats) system that you can use to really dig into a specific element of the experience level of your character. All that being said, we've capped the levels at 13, because we feel like that cap works really well for the feel of the game we want you to have.

I'm sure there is more I could share but I'm going to leave it there and ask this question.

What else would you like to know about Army Men: A TTRPG of Tactical plastic? I'd love to answer those questions.

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-Josh Heath, Chief Operations Office of High Level Games

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