Around the Table is GAMA's New Tabletop Professional Magazine

The Game Manufacturer's Association has launched a new magazine aimed at publishers, manufacturers, and other professionals in the industry. It's about 80 pages, and largely full of 'adstories' from various companies offering tips and advice on various aspects of the publishing process. EN World's own Egg Embry is one of the contributors.

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

Dire Bare

I think we sometimes get too in love with the idea that the tabletop gaming industry is small. Makes it seem more cozy and personal. And compared to other entertainment industries (movies, pop music, video games), it certainly is, but size is relative. If you consider that most mid-size towns have at least one FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store) or more and how many millions of tabletop gamers are in the US alone . . .

So, yeah, the industry is big enough for a professional association and a magazine!

I teach astronomy (among other things) to middle-school students and try to get them to understand the concept of scale. The planet Earth, compared to Jupiter, is very small. But, I wouldn't call Earth a "small planet", there's a lot of folks living here! And of course Jupiter pales in size compared to the Sun, which is only a "medium-sized" star, one of billions and billions in our galaxy alone . . . . (read that in Carl Sagan's voice).

EDIT: Sorry to get all teacher-nerdy on you all!
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What the h*ck?!?! Is “the industry” that large?

Board games, card games and minis all dwarf RPGs. The industry is as big as it is because of CCGs, the Eurogame boom and the Kickstarter board game boom.

But don't forget that D&D has also managed some major growth in recent years.

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