D&D General "As DM I have Created a Homebrew D&D setting which I have Used for Two or More Separate Campaigns." (a poll)

"As DM I have Created a Homebrew D&D setting which I have Used for Two or More Separate Campaigns."

  • True.

    Votes: 76 76.8%
  • False.

    Votes: 23 23.2%


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There is a slight difference between the title of this thread (and poll question below) and the actual statement you are saying is true or false for you (it was too long for a title), so read carefully below:

True or False: "As DM I have created (or created collectively with others) a homebrew D&D setting which I have used for two or more separate campaigns."

"Separate campaigns" means two or more distinct series of games that do not share characters or is not a direct continuation of past games. They may or may not share players.
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Yes. My mashup homebrew campaign setting has been used for campaigns with multiple groups of different players and multiple campaigns with my regular face to face group.


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Technically true, but it's...a pretty narrow technicality.

The first campaign failed, only lasting 4-5 sessions before it died. The second campaign has been going on for four years. It is set in the exact same place, about 2 years after the original campaign. Some stuff has changed in the intervening time, but it's still pretty much the same.

So, like I said, technically true. It has been (exactly) two campaigns, with different players participating.

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My players have retired several characters in the same setting I created, and we have started several different games set in different parts, and even different time eras of the world.


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I use my homebrew world/setting for 90%+ of my games. I might "plant" adventures from other worlds into mine to run them, but it is still my world.


Mine started as a collaborative homebrew mashup in 3.0 using Ptolus out of the original Banewarrens (before there was a whole campaign setting product) with a bit of ancient background of the world as Greyhawk so the Old gods were St. Cuthbert and so on. It was a long-term campaign with more collaborative additions as time went on, I ran Demon God's Fane and Lord of the Iron Fortress as my parts as rotating DM.

I used the world here to run the Freeport Trilogy for online play by post games with more expansions.

I then used it for my new (now over a decade+) face to face group running Freeport, then Reign of Winter, and Carrion Crown and some one shots.

When Covid hit and I switched to online fantasy grounds plus discord gaming and I took over DMing for the new group a year in I started a 5e conversion Iron Gods campaign that is ongoing.

Over the past two decades there have been additions to the world both as things strike my fancy, I get more material, and due to group interest and collaborations. One of the original collaborators (my brother) continued using it as well and took it in completely different directions with his later groups.

For me it has been used with campaigns using 3.0, 3.5, Pathfinder 1e, and 5e. If you connect the ancient Greyhawk history to my prior Greyhawk campaign then I have used it with 1e and 2e as well. :)

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