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Death in Freeport


On the surface Freeport is a pirate city gone legit, but in reality it is still a place of terrible secrets, foul plots, and dreadful gods.

This is a heavily house ruled 3.5 game set in the City of Freeport. Specific house rules, adjustments to core classes, and possible player source materials are listed below. There are a lot of mechanical options open to players but I try to keep the focus on story and action instead of mechanics during the game.

In general I am looking for players interested in the possibilities of the campaign. If the house rules are not to your liking then this is probably not a campaign for you as I am not interested in arguing about the merits of the game rules.

I try and post 1/weekday when I am not on vacation. I do not expect anybody to post on weekends.

Once the game starts I will be requiring at least one post a week day that I am in town from all PCs. Failure to post for a while without advance notice in the OOC thread will likely result in messy character death at the hands of a cutthroat thug.

I am looking for a bunch of players who can post regularly during weekdays.

Players must come up with some reason Brother Egil will ask them for help.

If you are interested please post here indicating your interest, possible character concept, and whether you have played or read the module before.

Recruiting is currently closed.


Graybeard: Gestalt Aristocrat/Swashbuckler
Walking Dad: Cloistered Cleric
Neurotic: Truespeaker

Shayuri: Beguiler
Ivid: Bard
Azgulor: Ghostly Buccaneer
Doghead: Lasserator
Lorthanoth: Gestalt Witch/Rogue
Tailspinner: Orc Half Dragon Dragon
Erekose: Sibeccai Gestalt Anima/Weapon Master
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The city-state of Freeport is a bustling cosmopolitan center of trade. Located on an easily defensible isle in the Serpent’s Teeth chain of islands, Freeport is an important center of maritime commerce in the world. Once known only as a pirate haven, the city grew over time and its residents became a major naval power under the command of the resident Sea Lords two-hundred years ago. The city has become an official nation state of its own with alliances and trade relations with the major powers of the world today. Ruled by the Sea Lord Milton Drac and the Council of Captains, Freeport has recently turned its back on many allies as the continental empire is torn apart by religious schisms and civil war. Freeport’s large fleet of privateers and welcoming policy of few questions for sea captains bearing goods to sell leads many to say that the pirate roots of Freeport are not buried deep in the past but lie just under the surface today.

Since the assassination of the former Sea Lord and his own ascension to power Milton Drac has been engaged with two domestic projects for the last ten years. He constantly works to solidify his hold on power by attempting to gain control of the fractious Council of Captains. He also pushes forward his one great public works project, the construction of a massive lighthouse for the city’s harbor. The Council governs the day to day affairs of the city while the lighthouse is designed to both serve the harbor and to act as a monument to his reign as Sea Lord. Drac has diverted public funds and poured them into these efforts of his at the cost of other spending priorities of the city-state.

While Lord Drac crows that the lighthouse will increase the ease and safety of maritime navigation to the harbor thus bringing greater prosperity to all of Freeport, many call the project “Milton’s Folly”. His detractors consider it a boondoggle for the Sea Lord’s favored agents whose only good aspect is that it will soon be completed and no longer a massive drain on the city’s resources.

Services in the city have degenerated under Lord Drac’s rule. The garrison has shrunk and is largely confined to the Old City. The docks are policed haphazardly, if at all. Crime has skyrocketed, but as long as it remains in the shadows the Council is content to pretend that it does not exist as they focus on their internal struggles and personal affairs.

Brother Egil, a scholar from the Athenaeum chapterhouse in Freeport, wrote you a letter asking you to meet with him during these turbulent times. He needs your help.


House Rules

We Don't Need No Stinking Healers: 4e style healing surges - 6+con bonus times a day can use a healing surge to heal self of 1/4 round down of max hp in damage. All healing magic uses a healing surge. Once per combat can spend a standard action to use a healing surge.

More Death Buffer: Arcana Unearthed/Iron Heroes style extended disabled/dying and fort saves for negative hp instead of death at -10

Built Ford Tough: no massive damage save

Mostly dead: instant death effects take you to dying status, not dead.

Shirts or Skins: natural armor overlaps with regular armor instead of stacking

Hack, Hack, Hack: max hp at first level, half HD average round up for other levels

Mix and Match: No favored class, multiclass freely without xp penalty. Fractional BAB and save advancements for multiclass characters. Fractional saves give you levels in good or bad save progression (No starting over for another 2.5 with 1st level good saves). Caster level equals character level.

Feats are Easy: No ability score prerequisites for feats

I Can do Anything: No cross-class skills, everything is a class skill for everybody. Only need a story explanation for how acquired.

We Don’t Need No Stinking Skill Rolls: Don’t expect many skill rolls, particularly for social actions. Most things I see your score and character development (concept, history, characterization, and mechanical choices) and adjudicate based on that, not rolls.

What’s That Say: Decipher script does not exist as a skill

It’s a Trap: Anybody can search for traps regardless of DC

Magic is Easy: No ability score prerequisite for max spell level.

Dabblers Have Power: Caster level equals character level.

Magic Stacks: multiclassing spell caster spell slots and spells known stack Arcana Unearthed style.

Healing is Easy: All core spellcasting classes get healing type spells on their spell list and at the lowest level it is available to the other core classes.

Crafting is Easy: Crafting magic items does not cost xp

Magic’s Expensive: xp spells cost extra gold for component instead of xp

Feel the Power: levels are awarded when I say so, individual xp is not given to players.

Let’s Go: teleport is shorter range (1 mile)

Pikachu, I Choose You: Summoned celestial and fiendish smite works as a lesser constant smite against targeted aligned creatures, not a powerful 1/day thing.

Some core spells not allowed (searing light I’m talking about you, domains using it will be modified upon request, also most anything with sonic damage).

Beyond Good and Evil: Alignment is only for divine champions, undead, and outsiders, everyone else is neutral. Alignments are primal forces, not moralities. Class alignment restrictions do not apply other than as social expectations.

Specific Beasts: shape shifting and summoning requires a focus of the thing being summoned or shape assumed (usually a bone).

Did it Work?: Players are to post combat rolls using invisible castle with their character names. DM handles all other rolling. Post appropriate character mechanics and numbers in OOC portion of IC posts with spoiler tags.

Skilled: Feats every level instead of every three. I think feats are fun and add to characters and want PCs to have more.

No Wasted Learning: If you multiclass into a class that grants a bonus feat you already have you instead gain a related feat. For instance a character with Tracking who later becomes a ranger could gain Skill Focus Survival to boost his tracking instead of being out a feat compared to a character that waited to learn tracking. Taking a class that provides abilities you are good at should make you better at those abilities instead of no increased benefit.

First level benefits are for the best of your classes. So the max hp and 4x skillpoints for first level are whatever your best class is. It doesn't matter if you go sorcerer 1 then rogue 1 or rogue 1 then sorcerer 1 both second level characters will look the same mechanically.

Smarts!: Int skill bonuses are retroactive. If somebody increases their int permanently through level advancement they get the extra skill points and can learn a new language. Skill increases must still make sense for the character from a story perspective and can be saved until appropriate opportunities for skill development.

I got better: heal works like treat injury from d20 modern, but the treat injury application can be done once per encounter resulting in wounds and cures 1d4 for every 5 points above DC 10 on the heal check.

Falling is Dangerous: falling damage accelerates, it is 1d6 for each ten feet fallen, for each set of 10'. Still 20d6 max


Poisons are Deadly: successful saves on poisons result in half damage

Beasts are Dangerous: iterative attacks work with natural weapons

Red in Tooth and claw: claws do slashing, bite does piercing.
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Core Class Changes


Increase HD to d8.


Spontaneous divine caster variant from Unearthed Arcana

Clerics can choose any domains, regardless of religion or god as long as appropriate for the character.

Clerics can be godless, worship non-divine beings (dragons, demons, etc.), worship pantheons, or worship specific gods.

Clerics do not get turn or rebuke undead as a class ability. Turn undead is an optional alternate domain power for the good domain and rebuke undead is an optional alternate domain power for the evil domain. The sun domain’s power is turning undead unless another domain power grants them the turn undead ability in which case the sun domain remains unchanged.


Spontaneous divine caster variant from Unearthed Arcana

Druids do not automatically know summon nature’s ally spells or get companions

Druids gain a domain, which can be but need not be nature summoning. Nature summoning domain’s power is animal companion.

Druid shifting from PH II is an option but costs druids their domain power and appearances are limited to a single form that shares a visual characteristic distinct to the druid.


No multiclass restrictions


Paladins can be spell less variants from Complete Warrior, trade spellcasting for bonus feats, or convert prepared spellcasting to spontaneous divine casting knowing 1 spell per spell casting level. No prepared Spell casting.

Option to have smite evil work continuously but not be a flat damage bonus against evil creatures. Note Beyond Good and Evil Above, casting [EVIL] spells counts as evil action for falling, otherwise good to go. Code is a social code expected of paladins and they are socially expected to act good.

No multiclass restrictions.


Increase HD to d10

Rangers can be spell less variants from Complete Warrior or Wildscapes, trade spellcasting for bonus feats, or can convert spells to spontaneous divine casting knowing 1 spell per spell casting level. No prepared spell casting.

No animal companion, although a feat would allow one.


HD increase to d8

Trapsense = elf style auto trap check


Increase HD to d6

Gain 1 free spell slot level they can use per day per sorcerer level. These spell slot levels can be combined to power higher level spells or power metamagics (subject to normal adjusted maximum level spell slot).

Familiar requires a feat or spell or reducing class HD to d4. No xp loss for familiar death.


Increase HD to d6

Wizards can learn spells from any items they have crafting feats to create, not just scrolls

Wizards can prepare spells without spellbooks. Doing so increases the spell slot required by 1 level.

Familiar requires a feat or spell or reducing class HD to d4. No xp loss for familiar death.

Domain wizard variant from Unearthed Arcana available at cost of reducing d6 HD to d4.
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Races that do not have common as their primary language do not speak common as a free language. PCs must spend a skill point to speak common if their race does not start with it.

Many monster and race book supplements allowed (I don’t have Savage Species or any WotC Races of Books though).

No Half Races: Half elves and half orcs are distinct elf and orc subraces with the core half race mechanics. Half templates exist but do not come about through hybridization. Races are essentially species.

Orcs are Goblins: Orcs are subtype goblinoid and orcish is just a dialect of goblin

Elves are Fey: Elves are humanoids with the subtype fey. Elvish is a dialect of sylvan

Gnomes are Fey: Gnomes are humanoids with the subtype fey. Gnomish is a dialect of sylvan

Giants are People Too: Giants are a humanoid subtype that use giant type traits (can be affected by "person" spells, etc.)

Medusae are People Too: Monstrous humanoids are a humanoid subtype that use monstrous humanoid type traits (can be affected by "person" spells, etc.).

Trolls are Trolls: Trolls all also have the troll subtype regardless of whether they are also giants or monstrous humanoid subtypes.

Dwarves are Giants: dwarves are subtype giants. Dwarvish is a dialect of giant.
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A few modified core feats and a few other ones I created

Dodging is Simple: Dodge feat = flat +1 dodge bonus

Hanging Tough: Toughness turns into Improved Toughness feat (from Complete Warrior, +1 hp/level) at third level.

Reflexive Dodge: Adds base reflex save from class to Dex AC bonus.

Craft Trinket: Allows Crafting of any magic item up to 2,500 gp value

Recharge Magic: Replaces normal spell slots with a modified version of UA recharge magic (no bonus spells for casting attribute, fixed recharge times, improved spontaneous recharge rate applies to all spells).

Domain magic: Add one domain as bonus spells known.
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I have over 100 d20 books and pdfs so ask if there is something you want to use, I might have it. The answer will be either no, yes with changes, or yes. Since I am starting at 1st level I am more likely to allow weird classes or races and see how they progress.

Full list of RPG sourcebooks

The lists below I haven't updated in a little while but they are grouped by categories

Sources I have for further possible class options I will consider but have to review first if you want stuff from them, and I might alter stuff:


WotC: Unearthed Arcana, Complete Warrior, Psionics SRD, Modern SRD, Dragonlance CS, FRCS, Wheel of Time, Diablo, Tome of Magic, Player's Handbook II, Complete Adventurer,* Complete Arcane,* Complete Divine,* Eberron Campaign Setting,* Races of Eberron,* Races of Destiny,* Races of Stone,* Races of the Wild* and excerpt articles posted on the WotC website presenting full descriptions of certain classes. (* are through crystalkeep.com and so are stats only)

Third-Party, several including:
Grand OGL Wiki
0one Games: Heroes and Magic
93 Game studios: Basic Classes Apprentice
AEG: Mercenaries, Swashbuckling Adventures, Warlords of the Accordlands Master Codex,
Aegis Studios: Contagion Revised, Virulence,
Alea Publishing: A Question of Honor Knightly Orders, A Question of Loyalty Military Orders, Chronicles of Yrza Crow, Crusader Subclass, Honor and Corruption, Mindcraft, Poor Gamers Almanacs,
Ancient Awakenings Publications: Dryden Hero or Horror,
Atlas Games: Nyambe, Occult Lore,
Avalanche Press: Aztecs, Black Flags Pirates of the Caribbean, War in Heliopolis,
Bards and Sages: Gods of the Dead, Neiyar,
Bastion Press: Wildwood, Mysteries of Arena, Torn Asunder, Spells and Magic, Pale Designs,
Blue Devil Games: Helios Rising,
Chainmail Bikini: Beyond Monks 3.0,
Creative Mountain Gaming: Lexus Culture Class County Clergy, Lexus Culture Class Trundlefolk,
Cryptosnark Games: Deeds Not Words,
Crystalkeep.com: Classes
DaemonEye Publishing: Academe Mentus, Dead Stars,
Dark Quest Games: In the Saddle,
Dog Soul Publishing: Books of Faith Hinduism, Books of Faith Jainism, Fishers for the Dead, Gallia, Kitsunemori
Dream Scarred Press: High Psionics Soulknives, Races of the Mind Elan, Untapped Potential, Untapped Potential Complete Marksman,
Dunham Studios: Elemental Powers Player’s Sourcebook,
Emerald Press: Wilderness Master,
EN Publishing: Asgard Magazine 1-7, Crimson Contracts, Crystalmancy, Elements of Magic, Elements of Magic Revised, Elements of Magic Lyceian Academy, Elements of Magic Mythic Earth, Fantastic Science, Four Color to Fantasy, Four Color to Fantasy Revised, Heroes of Code, Monks of the 9 Animal Clans, Necromancer's Legacy Bloodlines and Paragons, Steam & Steel, Three Arrows for the King, War of the Burning Sky Player's Guide,
Fantasy Flight Games: Cityworks, Darkness & Dread, Midnight, Path of Faith, Path of Magic, Path of Shadows, Path of Swords, School of Evocation, School of Illusion, Sorcery & Steam, Traps and Treachery, Wildscape,
Fifth Element Games: Alignment Paragons, Eldritch Codex: Libram of Silver Magic,
Goodman Games: Complete Guide to Fey, Complete Guide to Rakshasa, Complete Guide to Treants, Morningstar, Underdark Adventure Guide,
Green Ronin: Avatar’s Handbook, Book of Fiends, Freeport Trilogy, Mutants and Masterminds 2e, Testament, True20 RPG, Witch’s Handbook,
Heathen Oracle: Novice to Master,
High Moon Media: Paragons: Forest Dwellers, Paragons: Sun and Sea,
Inner Circle: Broken Isles Player's Guide,
Legacy of Maela: Legacy of Maela Campaign Setting, Legacy of Maela Remote Settings,
LPJ: Races of NeoExodus: Cavian, Races of NeoExodus: Cynean, Races of NeoExodus: Dalrean, Races of NeoExodus: Enuka, Races of NeoExodus: Prymidian, Races of NeoExodus: Sasori,
Malhavok Press: Arcana Evolved, Arcana Unearthed, Book of Experimental Might, Book of Experimental Might II, Book of Hallowed Might, Book of Roguish Luck, Complete Book of Eldritch Might, Iron Heroes, Iron Heroes Bestiary
Malladin's Gate: DarkLore Campaign Primer, Forgotten Heroes Paladins, Forgotten Heroes Sorcerer, Modern Heroes Martial Avengers, Saint John’s College of Abjuration, Unearthed Adventurers Volume 1,
Mystic Eye Games: Tarot Magic,
Mob United Media: OGL The Fighting Priest, OGL The Thief, OGL The Warbard, Steel and Stealth,
Mongoose Publishing: Conan RPG Pocket Guide, Infernum Player’s Guide,
Monkey God: From Stone to Steel, Frost and Fur,
Morrigan Press: Talislanta d20,
Octaviarate Games: Collectabeasts, Simple Tricks and Nonsense,
Otherworld Creations: Forbidden Kingdoms,
Paizo: Dragon 310-313, Dragon 315, Dragon 317-20, Dragon 326, Dragon 337, Dungeon 100, Pathfinder Alpha 1-3, Pathfinder Beta,
Pinnacle Entertainment: Hell on Earth d20,
Red Dragon Tavern Games: Tome of the Lost Realms Campaign Setting,
Red Moon Games: Kyngdom Campaign Setting,
RollInitiative.com: Book of Versus Classes
Ronin Arts: Core Class Variants,
RPGObjects: Legends of the Samurai,
Sean K. Reynolds Games: New Argonauts,
Spellbinder Games: Dreadmire Bonus Material,
Sovereign Press: Age of Mortals,
Sword Sorcery Studios: Aberrant d20, Adventure! d20, Everquest RPG PH, Gamma World PH, Trinity d20,
S.T. Cooley Games: Enchiridion of Elided Enduements of the Expanse,
Tangent Games: Ados Land of Strife,
Team Frog: Vampire Hunter$,
The Le: Neo Clerics Opus Priest, Neo Druids Savage Heart, Neo Fighters Fire Knight, Neo Paladins Martyr, Neo Rangers the Spider King, Pimp My Paladin, Unorthodox Barbarians, Unorthodox Bards, Unorthodox Clerics, Unorthodox Fighters, Unorthodox Monks, Unorthodox Paladins, Unorthodox Pirates, Unorthodox Ranged Combatants, Unorthodox Sorcerers, Unorthodox Witches, Vikings,
Throwing Dice Games: Character Customization,
Troll Lord Games: Codex of Erde, Winter Runes,
Vigilance Press: Clash of Arms: Cavalry, Clash of History: Witch Trials, Clash of Kings: Guilds and Money, Clash of Kings: Nobility, Prometheus, Vigilance,
Zeitgeist Games: Blackmoor Campaign Setting
and maybe others.

I might consider some of these classes underpowered, such as many of the Avalanche Press historical ones, and therefore NPC ones.

Race Books: Mythic Races, Races of Evernor I-III, Umbragia Races, Emerging Forms Aegire, Races of the Underdark (the web enhancement for Goodman Games underdark monster book), 6 Races of NeoExodus, a bunch of Campaign settings (Oathbound, Wildwood, Arena, Mysteries of Arena, www.athas.org for Dark Sun Planewalker for Planescape, Forgotten Realms CS, Dragonlance CS, Age of Mortals, Arcana Evolved, Valus, Kyngdoms, Helios Rising, Burok Torn from scarred lands, Dragonlords of Melnibone, Twin Crowns CS, Nyambe, Ravenloft CS, Twilight of Atlantis, Ragnarok, Doom of Odin, Castlemourn Player's Guide, Ptolus, Argyle Lorebook, Midnight, Talislanta d20, Morningstar, Blackmoor CS, LEgacy of Maela, Warlords of the Accordlands Master Codex, each have new races), a bunch of monster books (for example Advanced Bestiary, Blackdirge's Dungeon Denizens, Book of Beasts, Complete Minions, Creature Weekly, Creature Collection Revised, Complete Denizens of Avadnu, E.N. Critters, Fiend Folio, Lethal Lexicon, Little People, Manual of Monsters, Menagerie, Monster Manual II and IV, Monsternomicon I & II, Tome of Horrors Revised, the srd, and others) and a few miscellaneous sources (Rats in the Walls, Children of the Fey, Children of the Serpent, Complete Guide to Treants, Mercenaries, Race Creation Cookbook, Races: Animal Kingdoms, Apes of Nature Myth and fantasy, Mars RPG, Dreamscapes, the "Into the" series, Out for Blood, Faeries, Hidden Races, Honor and Corruption, Mystic Warriors, others).

Major spell sources: SRD/PH, Spell Compendium, Tome and Blood, Magic of Faerun, Arcane Strife, Book of Curses, Complete Book of Eldritch Might, Crystalmancy, Dweomercraft Enchanters, Encyclopedia Arcane Necromancy, Joe's Book of Enchantment, Minor Magicks, Paths of Power, Practical Enchanter, Quintessential Wizard, Relics and Rituals, Relics and Rituals II, School of Evocation, School of Illusion, Simple Tricks and Nonsense, Spells and Magic, Spells and Spellcraft, Urban Magica Spell Cards, and other ones that have fewer spells.

Major combat feat sources: SRD, Sword and Fist, Complete Warrior, Player's Handbook II, Torn Asunder, Arcana Unearthed, Iron Heroes, Book of Iron Might, Beyond Monks, Deeds Not Words, Deeds Not Words Smack Down, Masters of Arms, Martial Arts Mayhem Vol. 1, Legends of the Samurai, Action Maneuvers, Critical Feats, Rage Feats, Sunder Feats, http://realmshelps.dandello.net/datafind/feats.shtml others.

Psionics (Standard 3.5) Sources: 3.5 srd, Hyperconsciousness, Untapped Potential, Divine Mind, Races of the Mind Elan, High Psionics soulknives, High Psionics Psionic Feats, Gestalt Surge Feats,

Alternate Magic System Sources: Psionics 3.5 (srd), Tome of Magic, Forgotten Realms CS, Wheel of Time, Occult Lore, Everquest RPG 1e, Arcana Unearthed, Iron Heroes, Complete Book of Eldritch Might, Elements of Magic, Elements of Magic Revised, Elements of Magic Mythic Earth, Hell on Earth d20, Legends of the Samurai, Twin Crowns CS, Spellbound, Relics and Rituals, Talislanta d20, Four Color to Fantasy, Mindcraft, Psihammer, Academe Mentus, Mystic Warriors, Deeds Not Words, Vigilance, Others.

Ritual Magic sources: Relics and Rituals, Twin Crowns CS, Spellbound, Heroes of High Favor Elves

Pirates: Black Flags Pirates of the Caribbean, Broadsides!, Pirates! Swashbuckling Adventures, Twin Crowns Campaign Setting, Unorthodox Pirates,

Ones of note from WotC that I do not have and so will not allow material from: Anything Eberron (though note the dragon magazines with preview elements), Anything Kalamar, Complete Arcane, Complete Divine, Complete Adventurer, Complete Champion, Complete Scoundrel, Complete Mage, Complete Psion, Magic of Incarnum, Any Races of series, Most Handbook books, Any Heroes of series, Oriental Adventures, Savage Species, Book of Exalted Deeds, Book of Vile Darkness, Book of Nine Swords. Note that I do have crystal keep downloads and Spell Compendium though.
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Blind Azathoth

I don't have a lot of time right now, but I wanted to post expressing my interest in this game. I don't know all that much about Freeport, although I like what I do know and I'd be willing to learn what I don't. I also have no prior experience with this module.

Later today, when I have some free time, I'd like to think up a character concept or two and throw my hat into the ring.


First Post
Hmm! I am intrigued! I've really enjoyed Wildwood, and if you'll consider someone who's already in another of your games, I'd like to submit for this one too.

My preliminary idea so far is either a two bit alley rat sort of character, living in the uneasy crevices between law and organized crime in the harbor of Freeport...perhaps with a nautical background though. Arrived as crew on a ship, perhaps...or escaped from a crew he was pressed into...

That, or a refugee from the dissolving empire outside the city...a war orphan, seeking what shelter Freeport can offer.

As for why the character would be contacted...it might help if I knew what the Athenaeum was, so I could work it into a backstory. Starting level might help too when designing a background, so I know how long the character's been 'in business' as it were.


Character Creation

1st level and default 32 point buy.

Optional starting point buy and LA variations:

Option two 40 point buy: Can increase point buy to 40 if restrict class options to NPC classes only.

Option three 32 point buy alternative: LA +1 race restricted to NPC classes.

Option four 24 point buy: LA +2 race restricted to NPC classes. LA +1. Alternatively can take gestalt option with one class required to be an NPC class.

Option Five 16 point buy: Can take an LA +3 race restricted to NPC classes. LA +2 race. LA +1 race Gestalt with NPC class. Or Gestalt.

Option six 8 point buy: LA +4 restricted to NPC class. LA +3. LA +2 Gestalt with NPC class. LA +1 Gestalt.

100 gp for starting equip regardless of class

See house rules, and class and race options and modifications below.

Once the game starts I will be requiring at least one post a week day that I am in town from all PCs. Failure to post for a while without advance notice in the OOC thread will likely result in messy character death at the jaws of a predator.

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