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D&D General Assembling Vecna


Shirokinukatsukami fan
Some time back (March 2021), I ordered an Eye and Hand of Vecna online. After several months, I assumed that my package had gone missing and organised a replacement, which duly arrived. Fast forward to this week, and the post office finally delivered the original package (yes, nearly two years after it was posted!). So now I've ended up with two of Vecna's hands and two of his eyes, which places me firmly on the road to assembling a whole Vecna. (Given the rate at which WizKids is producing D&D merchandise, I am assuming that it is only a matter of time until they release other Vecna body parts.)

I've checked the warning label on the box, and it doesn't say anything about the dangers of collecting too many of Vecna's body parts in one place. I'm wondering if anyone else has ended up in a similar situation, and if so, did you experience any unexpected evil auras, strange magical phenomena or other unusual side effects of having multiple parts of Vecna so close together? Should I be worried? :cool:

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Due to a certain financial dispute during one of my previous occupations, I happen to have the Kneecap of Vecna, and would be willing to part with it for a reasonable fee...

Email inquiries to vinni @ scarlottifamily dot com.


You could always use them to build a scarecrow if you have a field... It could see when crows got too close and fire off a blast of eldritch energy at them.

Also good for keeping that annoying neighbor from parking in your spot or keeping neighborhood kids and dogs off your lawn...

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