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A gothic fantasy tabletop RPG with a focus on desperation and exploring the dichotomy of being both hunter and hunted.
In Astral Hunt you will play as an Astral, a person with abilities that far surpass your chosen species. This could include being quicker to learn, harder to kill, and some with the dangerous ability to use magic. Despite their immense strength life expectancies for Astrals are low, due to the dangers of Oros being varied and vast. Unspeakable monstrosities haunt the outlands between the bastion cities preying upon any victim they come across. Cities bring a different set of threats as the people fear and hate Astrals due to accidents that happen with the common disasters that occur from an Astral losing control of their magic. Even the landscape itself can be fickle and dangerous bursting into flames with little warning, or a rupturing and soaring into the sky and that's before even mentioning hostile Astrals. So how will you survive?

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