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Skulking in the thin alleys of Ryshol, four individuals hide hoping to slip past the terrified mob undetected. Whether or not any of them have done anything wrong is unimportant; the mob won’t care if they are found. The strange marks that each of them have set them apart from regular people. They set them apart to be seen as monsters. Former friends, family, and lovers have all been led astray thanks to the emergence of that star born monstrosity. A beast that steals the very limbs from its victims, and uses them for itself, a creature that is patient, intelligent, and cunning. The group skulks in search of the monster hoping to end the pandemonium that has befallen Ryshol, before the city is lost completely to the ever corrupting flesh of the beast, or before they are killed by those they once called friends. The Astral Hunt has begun.

Learn more about this new tabletop game coming soon by visiting our site at Parhelion Games and sign up for our mailing list. Kickstarter will be launching in the near future!

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