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Release At the Farm: Small Farmhouse (aka Small Village builder) papercraft terrain

I am happy to announce the first building in the "At the Farm" series released: the small farm house.

Including many skin and detail options, it allows you to customize the house you want to build ... or build a small village!

More details and pics on my site. Get it on my Gumroad shop.



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As my shelf space is a bit limited I have built "fold-flat" storage option in. When you build that way, you can disassemble the buildings and store them safely when you don't need them. Also great when you want to transport them around to your next gaming session!

This is one house with roof dormer :D


As the set was so well received so far, I have decided to add some free bonus extras for the DELUXE edition.

These will give you options for 3d advanced details like doubled up framework beams, open doors and window shutters, roof interior and transparent glass windows!

Enjoy :D

I have created a little "lean-to" model that I made available on my Patreon. There is a free model and also an advanced one for Patreons.

It works as a stand-alone small shed building or as an extension to my farm houses!

My friend, David Okum, made some very nice townsfolk paper minis, which I used for this presentation pic.

Looking forward to making the stables and barn building for more "At-the-Farm" buildings :D


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