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Sale Attending DragonCon, I'm running four different optimistic SciFi adventures!

Virtual Dragon Con looks amazing! If you’re attending this weekend, I’m running my 2020 Indie Groundbreaker nominated RPG Return to the Stars, if you are up for some optimistic space opera shenanigans. The adventure include:

Rouge One
is the most important cosplay tournament in known space, but this year the stakes are even higher, as pop culture collides with political machinations to determine the fate of the galaxy.

The Undying Elite A scenario that examines what the corrupt are willing to do hold on to power, and the price others are willing to pay to resist.

Return to the Stars After a century of effort, your society has built new type of starship. A new generation of genetically augmented cosplayers, makers, scientists, and pop culture enthusiasts will Return to the Stars to reconnect the lost worlds of humanity.

The Planet that Never Sleeps.... When the Convention's ambassador to the planet Third York goes missing, your crew is called to investigate! Noir themes mashed up in an unlikely pairing with optimistic geek pop culture.

Cons were was a big inspiration for the game, and I’m excited to be able to play at my first Dragon Con, even virtually! I know cosplay has translated less effectively at virtual cons than, say, panels but am excited to see what Dragon Con is able to accomplish.

I’m running a sale on the game to celebrate.

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