Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game Starter Set at Target

If you're in the US, you can get an exclusive boxed starter set for the Avatar Legends TTRPG. From April 12th other stores outside the US will stock it.

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The set contains a rulebook, dice, a map, cmbat cards, pre-generated chacaters, and two adventures -- The Pirates of Crimson Sails, and The Burning Fuse. The former is set during the era of Aang, and the latter during the era of Korra. These adventures will be available digitally at a later date.

It also includes a discount code for Demiplane, the online tools suite.

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On the other hand, some kid is going to get this for their birthday, get all exited, and then they'll find out that you can't really learn how to play TTRPGs just from reading a short rulebook... and that you need at least 3 other people to do it... and that they have to get together for 4+ hours at least every other week or so, etc.
As a kid who went through that experience (a few years ago now admittedly), I don't see the issue. What you describe is part of what makes RPGs so fulfilling. Sure, RPGing won't be for everyone, but no hobby is.


I am kind of bummed to hear it is yet another one (or two) time use "pregens and an adventure" style set rather than a proper Basic Set.

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