Press Awakened Garden - An adventure location with 37 encounters, 16 NPCs, and a high-resolution regional map


The Awakened Garden is an adventure location to support DMs in running a high fantasy enchanted forest. It contains 37 encounters, 16 NPCs, and a high resolution regional map of the location. Above is a sample of the regional map that highlights 3 encounters.

Background of the adventure location: Mages from a city to the north ventured to this once-tame forest to set defenses against an enemy force encroaching from the south. Using ancient rites, they awakened flora and fauna, hoping to use them as weapons. The disturbed nature turned on the mages, slaying them. Two years have passed since that day. Few have ventured into the forest and returned to tell the tale. With the war over, the city seeks to reclaim its Garden. The Scarlet Dryad has other plans.

Find the full toolbox here: Awakened Garden - Immersive Adventuring |

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