ZEITGEIST Axis Island Ruined Temple?


Chapter 1 says:
On the south of the island, though, a temple survives fairly intact, preserved by layers and layers of ritual magic. The huge compound, an eerily empty marvel of Stone Age architecture, must remain for now an enigma. The designs on the walls come from before the invention of written language, so while clearly this place was very important at one time, its intended purpose and its original creators are inscrutable.
Is the enigma ever resolved? I've been searching through the other chapters, particularly 10, 12, & 13, but haven't found anything.
Nothing in particular. It was Ancient architecture, used by the people who made the Axis Seal, and obviously the seal is important, but that particular building doesn't have anything special set up for it.

Honestly, I forgot about it. I'm not sure what I would have done with it.


I would be strongly inclined to read 'very important at one time' to mean 'this was the temple to a popular god in the time of the Ancients' rather than anything like 'this is a superweapon that walks like a building'.


@RangerWickett ok good, I didn't want to overwrite something important by mistake.
@arkwright yes, that's exactly what I was thinking.

I elaborated on my campaign world's history a bit, and one ancient god had a unique connection to Axis Island.

@Morrus true true, but the party put a lot of work into uncovering this section of the mythology, so they've earned some answers. There's plenty of other things they have yet to notice.
The temple could well have a fair amount of information on the ancients ritual , which the Ob have learned from so you could slip them some information on that. Preferably useless but intriguing information which will suddenly make sense much later on