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D&D 5E Azrael's Guide to the Apocalypse, by Red Panda



This is targeted at levels 10-20, and is timeline-agnostic, so a Chaldean with a copper blade could end up in the same party as a modern-day rifleman.
Red Panda published the Adventurer's Guide to the Bible, which I have purchased but is still in my to-read stack (and I got 3 more books for Christmas).

This is obviously somewhat Bible-based, as was the first one.

What caught my attention the most was the story structure:

The monsters, magic items, and adventure structure are all inspired by the biblical book of Revelation, but the narrative is designed to unfold in a way that is personal to each character. This means that, although the encounters are "linear," with each vignette being presented in a prescribed order, the choices made by the characters will have a direct impact on the story, as well as on their personal destinies. An included "Story Tracker" will allow the GM to keep track of critical decisions made by players during each arc of the adventure, which will lead to dire consequences by level 20. The players have full agency in solving each dilemma as it develops, but the choices they make along the way will shape reality itself.

I take this as some sort of portal-hopping type mechanic (whether or not there's a portal), which is a way to keep high level characters from popping over to Sigil to buy a +5 sword of demon-slaying.

They also have some recruitable NPCs:
Azrael's Guide to the Apocalypse introduces a new "recruiting" mechanic that allows the player characters to choose from a selection of 12 NPCs with specific skill sets for critical missions. The Heroes of the Heavenly Host add-on expands this list of NPCs, including many faces from Christian history. These NPC cards are not just beautiful to look at, they present stats for the NPCs that are easy to read at a glance when playing at the table. This allows the GM to stay focused when running large-scale combats, and even allows the GM to hand out the NPC cards, and let players at the table take control of some of Heaven's most legendary heroes for the final showdown.
The Joan of Arc card in the preview looks like a slightly adapted fighter of around 13th-15th level, with a PB of +5, 3 attacks, Superior Critical, Second Wind, and a Rampage ability similar to what I think gnolls have.

There are also optional Azrael-themed dice, some custom minis for the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, and more.
Production values on the last one were pretty high, and I think they may exceed those on this one.

It looks more creative and interesting than a lot of what WOTC has put out, and I like that it's clearly targeted at the higher end of the power spectrum.

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As someone who reviewed Red Panda's previous work and had good things to say about it, I'm looking forward to what they do with a 5e-inspired adventure on the Book of Revelations!

Yeah, I bought the previous book and was generally impressed by the quality, but it wasn't really for me. Definitely worth look if you're the target market though.


I'm always interested in high level play. I am also interested in the idea of character choices affect a linear structure. I might pick this up just for that. And who doesn't love a good apocalypse!


Acheron Game's Inferno: Dante's Guide to Hell (with its companion books)+their upcoming kickstarter Apocalypse:John's Guide to the Armageddon+Red Panda's Adventurer's Guide to The Bible+their upcoming kickstarter Azrael's Guide to the Apocalypse.


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