ZEITGEIST Back into the hill


I'm at the start of the 7th adventure (it's a big one!) and... spoilers:

my party decided to go after one of the governor's requests and head back into the Cauldron Hill facility. As suggested, I made it into a little dungeon crawl, with lots of undead (our paladin, now level 11 [auto 1d8 Radiant damage on everything] was sooo excited!). The fights began pretty easy, but are becoming quite harder, including an evil hag - returned spirit of one of the witches of the Hill - and also a dangerous disease that they got because of going through a fracture in the dimensions.

I decided to reward them for choosing to go into this dangerous situation with a new weapon, especially made for the paladin; the group didn't kill Lya, so they don't have access to her cool sword. I thought it would be cool to make this weapon sentient, and bring back an old fave of the group - one of the golems from the penultimate room before Borne. Well, this is what remains of her, a long sharp piece of her machinery that resembles a long sword:


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There will be some more duplicants and a few witchoil golems, but even if there were none, the following still counts:
1. I can just add some, at some placed.
2. It's a +2 weapon, which is better than her +1 Vicious sword. (which she took from Saxbi)
3. Having a fun NPC to talk with is the main attraction here, my player is likely to really enjoy it. Also, it sort of gives the paladin darkvision, but only as interpreted through the interpretation of Linus, which will be annoying in a fun way!
So even if the "overwhelm" ability is likely never to happen, it doesn't really matter, I think. The player is very happy, and will most probably continue to be, regardless of if this ability comes into play.

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