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Have you used background music in your sessions to enhance atmosphere? I use them all the time and have built a few different concept lists for various occasions:

Generic fantasy atmosphere
Epic battle playlist
Medieval town atmosphere
Outdoors wilderness
Dune thematic list for dark desert vibe
Lord of the Rings themed elven beauty
Traditional asian music for samurai vibe
Dark and gritty cyberpunk scifi
Halloween / Call of cthulhu horror vibe
Pirates / Swashbuckling adventure on the high seas

Hope these might be of use for your games as well!
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Li Shenron

Sure, almost every session...

I switch playlist based on the scene, but rather in broad strokes: for example I have a general list for all creepy places including dungeons, another list for quiet social places (can be a tavern, a court, a marketplace...) and so on, not very precise differentiation.

I also have a playlist for battles, but I have found that sometimes it gets annoying and might be best to shut it off. This happens particularly when I have more tactical players that want to think carefully how to play, and occasionally discuss something. For more casual players who like to get things going fast, music is fine also during battles.

In the past I've also used Syrinscape (when it was free) and Tabletop Audio, which is great but somehow distracts me a bit while DMing.


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Nice List! I am gonna add some of them to my daily listen.

My DM just used some tracks from DND Ambient Music for our one shot recently. I thought it was pretty cool. Apparently, he looped the track and it sounded seamless.


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You might find this thread helpful.


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