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Add more if you have any, please. Thanks!
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I have a Rhapsody account (paid version) and there I have set up many folders for various themes (battle etc).

Rather than list out too much, I'll just put down a few...

1. Sherlock Holmes Sountrack

This one is pretty new of course. The soundtrack to the movie was great (the sound in general really) and much of this is perfect for games, especially quirky city themed stuff. I dig it. Here is a sample...


2. Rome Total War Soundtrack

This soundtrack came with the game and is amazing. I have used this many many times in games. It has stuff that can be used in various situations, not just battles, etc. Here is one sample...


3. A lot of Hans Zimmer stuff

Hans Zimmer did the Sherlock Holmes soundtrack, but he has obvisouly done others - particularly some that work very well with games including soundtracks for...

- The Dark Knight
- The Last Samurai
- Gladiator
- Batman Begins
- The Da Vinci Code
- and more

Also, if you are looking for something creepy/eerie, check out the soundtrack for the Ring/The Ring 2 (also by Hans Zimmer)

4. Bill Brown - has done some amazing video game and film soundtracks, etc. Here's a sample of his...


Anyway, for those without paid accounts to get at music that easily, youtube is actually a really good resource. You can find a LOT of music there, including some of the ones mentioned by me here, and by others as well I'm sure.
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I'm looking for some music, instrumental ideally of some ominous tribal drum type stuff. I want to use it for encounters in the Pictish Wilderness or the Black Kingdoms in Conan. Got the Conan soundtrack and the music from the Age of Conan MMO. Thanks.


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This may sound odd, but check out the work of the taiko drum group, Kodo.

They're Japanese, but their drumwork is impeccable and visceral enough that you should be able to sub one of their songs for any kind of tribal feel you want.


This may sound odd, but check out the work of the taiko drum group, Kodo.

They're Japanese, but their drumwork is impeccable and visceral enough that you should be able to sub one of their songs for any kind of tribal feel you want.
I forgot all about the Kodo drummers and I've been to see them :D


This is a gaming song we wrote while reflecting on our youth and our early years of gaming back in the mid 80's. I'm on bass and my buddy Aaron sings and plays the guitar.

Fourth Level Fighter

Here's a version with drums and electric guitars

Free downloads and please pass it along!