D&D 5E Backstage at D&D Next Keynote...

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My company has live streams a few times a week. So we're used to it.

But, when we first started out we had our ups and downs. Not to mention the amount of pressure on us when something went wrong and we fell behind schedule several minutes.

Wizards definitely has my sympathies here.

I see, we're up. But what if I don't want to silence my cell phone?

Next: Hey, Adkison -- the name "D&D Next" really grates. How about 5E for us? And I want a Star Wars analogy, not a Star Trek one.


Yay, go PC! Looking dapper!
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Breaking news: New FR six novel series, "The Sundering", with six authors (starting w/ Salvatore, then Paul Kemp, then Erin Evans, then Richard Lee Byers, then Troy Denning, then Ed Greenwood with the closing novel) to transition to 5E. Get ready for another RSE, folks.

Greenwood:"There will be war. Gods & their chosen will take part. So will normal people. Your characters will be a part afterwards."

Salvatore: "Hopefully there will be these wonderful personal stories that make this change in the Realms make sense."

Main characters: Drizzt, Elmunchkin; Frieda the Warlock; Etwas Cale, half shade; Sergeant Kenrick, embittered paladin; and some pirate dude. (Edit: Sorry if I didn't catch the names quite right ... they were speaking quickly and I'm a poor typist.)
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On to 5E playtesting ... explaining why the rogue pre-gen has 8 WIS. Wizards: might be wild magic in the future.

Mearls: Lots of playtesting yet to go. Estimating a 2-year process at current rate. Will take the time to get it right "out of the gate".

Breaking news: will implement multiple types of magic systems via modularity. Releasing warlock and sorcerer classes tomorrow to demonstrate.

Warlocks: Pacts with other-worldly entities who channel magic. "Reality hackers".

Sorcerers: Internal wellspring of magic power. "Soul magic".

Epic Threats

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