WOIN Balancing Party Buffing Spells


I'm looking for advice on balancing Spells in WOIN.

Something my group quickly realized was that the cost to make buffs into AoEs was very low, and the cost to make things long duration was downright reasonable especially if you took an hour to buff in the morning. The end result is powerful buffs that apply to the entire party for the entire day.

For example - an Enchantment spells which gives everyone in a 10 foot radius the Valiant (+1d6 to attack rolls as long as not in cover) condition for 8 hours, assuming you take 1 hour to cast it in the morning costs 6 mp [3 mp (charm), 1 mp (10 ft radius), 5 mp (8 hours), -3 mp (1 hour casting)] and lasts the entire day.

Invisibility for the entire party for the entire day costs 8 mp [5 mp (visual illusion, complex), 1 mp (10 ft radius), 5 mp (8 hours), -3 mp (1 hour casting)] and forces anyone who does notice the party (a difficult task indeed) to take a -2d6 penalty to hit anyone. Even if it is disbelieved, it still applies to the next group of individuals.

A +10 to defense vs People costs 8 mp [5 mp (abjuration - shield person), 1 mp (10 ft radius), 5 mp (8 hours), -3 mp (1 hour casting)] and again lasts all day.

The same issues apply to many of the schools, Displace's haste effects, divination's truesight, infuse spells for attribute bonuses, and pretty much anything in the Move category.

Ultimately, the cost to turn a powerful, 1 combat length spell into an all day, the entire party buffing spell is 3 mp if you cast it in the morning. This isn't a big issue for a large, long-lasting wall of fire or a long-lasting divination spell or something like that, but it's a big problem with party buffing.

Has anyone found any ways to deal with this and reign in this type of casting?

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They have to stay within the area.

This isn't clear enough in the current book, but the v1.2 update will make it clearer with double cost for lasting effects outside the area. A MAG score of 16 is epic enough to allow an all-day invisibility.

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