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Release Barden Hollow - New Release 2020


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Only $0.99

Established on a pitch of raised land near the fringes of the frontier, the budding logging settlement of Barden Hollow sits surrounded by untamed wilderness. Will you find adventure? Or will adventure find you?

  • A full colour Players and Game Masters map of the remote settlement.
  • Community statistics
  • A detailed list of locations
  • Background information
  • Main NPC descriptions

    Drop this premade settlement into any campaign and the unique setting of Barden Hollow is sure to be a hit!

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Barden Hollow - Wolfhill Entertainment | DriveThruRPG.com
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Looking to reach the next metal ranking, so I am doing what I can to incentivise. 50% off to the next 15 customers who use the discount code below! $0.50 for a full colour, ready to go settlement map with plot hooks. Only offered to you fine folks at ENworld.