Baron of Blood Artor Morlin


Rotten DM
Just a write up I been doing about the baron. Note my only source is the Season 8 adventures.
Baron of Blood Artor Morlin the Masked Lord
Who, what, and his appearances in Season 8.
Introduced in DDAL08-00 Once in Waterdeep. The legend of Baron of Blood is total rip off of Elizabeth Bathory, with the added story of a standard cruel noble being tricked by a commoner. DDAL08-01 The Map with no Names has the Bregan D’aerthe trying to kill him, or the pcs. Some henchmen of the Baron are introduced which are spying for Artor against the drow. DDAL08-02 Beneath the City of the Dead hints he works mainly through minions and will kill pcs if they learn his secrets. The first description has him wearing outdated fashions and smelling of old dust and ancient blood. He is a vampire but no stats are given. If all the clues are found he may be Tethyrian. But since the baron is nice vampire he only asks they complete the next module instead of killing or turning the pcs. DDAL08-03 Dock Ward Double Cross reveals Jarlaxle Baenre knows Artor is vampire. But why Jarlaxle wants him eliminate is never explain. After a pat on the head to successful adventurers, Artor hints they will be going house hunting for him.
The Quantum Leap episodes aka Folded Time Trilogy does give some background for Mr. Morlin. DDAL08-04 A Wrinkle in the Weave has the pcs travel back to DR 130 on the night of coup of Amahl Shoon IV. Artor is alive and is a mercenary on the payroll of Shoon III. Artor trusts the pcs for some reason. For the hired help, he knows a lot about secret stuff. DDAL08-05 The Hero of the Troll Wars is set in DR 940. Artor is not present but Malcar a guest of dinner party from the previous module is present. With no reason given why Malcar, a human and lapsed vampire thrall, has live so long. Malcar does know his former master Artor is now a vampire in search of a new lair. DDAL08-06 Purging the Blood takes place in 1035 DR. Artor Morlin has become the Baron of Blood and doing business with first lord of Waterdeep Ahghairon. Artor will keep Waterdeep free of vampires, well other vampires. Artor does not know one of his former minions is in town. He sends the group on a day time vampire hunt. A hint is dropped of the pcs meeting Ahghairon and the Baron in the future.
NOTE. I would suggest DM run these modules just after Once in Waterdeep. Create a story award of Don’t I know you. So the baron knows the pcs, when the pcs run 08-01 thru 08-03. Slow or no progression will need to be used.
The Vampire Hunt Trilogy has the Baron of Blood house hunting and giving orders. DDAL08-07 Into the Dark, Artor orders the group to find a back door to first level of the dungeon of the mad mage. He orders a hit on any vampire and vampire minions they find. He has updated his look as he is dark skinned and loves tailored armour. His flaw has changed from not fighting due to bloodlust to lacking imagination. DDAL08-08 Crypt of Dark Kiss just has Morlin giving kill undead on sight orders to the pcs. His bloodlust flaw has returned. In DDAL08-09 Fangs and Frogs Morlin is still house hunting and thinking about pulling your realtor license. And he gives you another vampire hunt. He has switched back into his dusty ancient fashions.
The Skullport Shakedown Trilogy has him appearing once. DDAL08-10 the masked lord has turned head hunter. Luckily not your head, he suggests you help out Volothamp Geddarm.
The Undying Threat trilogy. DDAL08-13 has Artor firing you as his realtors as he is now living in Skullport. But you still have vampire hunting work with the extra of finding the passageway to the Vanrakdoom level of the dungeon of the mad mage. Oh also please find his missing minions. His flaw from DDAL08-07 has returned. DDAL08-14 Rescue from Vanrakdoom gives a huge hint of Baron Blood Artor Morlin the
Masked Lord’s power. He has drained Austra Trumaine from CR 15 vampire to a CR 5 Vampire Spawn during the intermission between modules. But being lazy noble, and you being a good minion, you get another vampire hunt. DDAL08-15 Forge of Fangs is different a search and destroy mission with a vampire hunt. However he is rehiring you to hunt for a new lair as he is living in the Yawning Portal.
The Home Sweet Home Trilogy Artor has headed unground for new temporary digs at Tempted Paladin in Skullport. DDAL08-16 has the Blood Baron hiring you to clean house in the Shadowdusk Hold. DDAL08-17 Artor has you hunting for home décor in Tower of Ahghairon but no mention of Volo is made. And old friend does make an appearance which ties this series back to Folded Time adventures. DDAL08-18 You are now delivery person.
His appearance in Season 8 reminds me of the old 1930s and 1940s studio system where stars were under contract to appear in so many productions or get cut loose from the studio. Except in DDAL08-04 where he is on screen, he could have just shown up to an empty stage. He gets filmed giving his lines and the next day the pcs are filmed responding to his lines.
Artor Morlin was a mercenary turned vampire. He is one of rulers of Waterdeep aka a Masked Lord. He might have fighter class abilities and has used a greatsword in the past. His power comes from being a masked lord and not high level monster.
How I ran him in my Adventure League group. I was running Waterdeep and Dungeon of the Mad Mage on Fridays. The adventure league modules on Sunday. I had some players gaming in both. I had Artor move into the spare room in Trollskull Manor during the opening of Chapter 4 of Heist. He also expanded basement. Servants and PCs were to ignore the coffin in the new addition and forget the rat holes in various parts of manor. He stayed on good terms with all the owners of Trollskull and most of the other pcs.
Except for the Season eight adventures, I have not read any Forgotten Realms books which mentioned the Baron of Blood. In fact, I don’t think I read a Realms book this century. Maybe someone should dust me off.

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Dungeon Magazine had a high-level 3.5e AP called “Vampires of Waterdeep” that featured Artor, along with the famous Fireplace Level of Undermountain and the Dungeon of the Crypt.

Artor also once ruled over the lands around Daggerford. The ruins of his castle can still be found beneath the current Daggerford castle.


Rotten DM
If I was going to stat him up using the Vampire from SRD and Austra Trumaine as templates this what I would add. Since he was a fighter in life from DDAL08-04, I would give some fighter abilities. Noble background and x background.
Saving throws Con +9 Str +9

New Ability Vampire drain. If Artor grapples another vampire, and hits with unarmed strike, he can drain a vampire of 20 radiant per hit. This be like the bite.
Blade drain If using his greatsword of sharpness, on a hit he does an extra 10 necrotic damage, and gains those hit points.
Forbiddance is ignored in Waterdeep or Daggerford. He is long time home owner. He has gotten minions to buy property and invited him in over the centuries.
Hit points either max or add the ability if he does necrotic it adds temporary hit points once he passes 144.
Anybody got any suggestions.

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