Barsoom Tales I - COMPLETE

Sir Elton said:
I don't see the big deal. Here, I thought Barsoomcore was a writer like . . . TS Eliot. But looking at his writing, he uses regular language, like ERB did. But then, I guess that what makes it good.

Barsoomcore, you're a regular joe writer, writing for the demos. Do not ever become a writer like the one who wrote "The Great Gatsby." I never read that book, but if the Intellectual Elite is hailing it as great, then it must be very bad. flowery prose as all get out might win points for them, but the demos wants something they'd enjoy.
Well, that whole post is a bit out of left field, and frankly, I don't know what to make of it, or what it has to do with my quoted post, or anything else in this thread, for that matter.

We have an entire other forum for literary criticism (although usually confined to fantasy/sci-fi genre stuff) so I'm not sure it's really appropriate to hijack this excellent story hour for a discussion on the merits of FitzGerald. For what its worth, though, I always thought The Great Gatsby a fascinating, easy read.

And I don't know what you mean by demos in that context. Usually demos is used as short for demonstration.

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Unattainable Ideal
Oh, undoubtedly.

All my Story Hours are suffering these days. Just hired half-a-dozen people and am desperately trying to figure out what this company is going to look like once we've doubled in size...

Actually both your other story hours had updates in late December, so this one was feeling lonely. Plus, it was back on the 4th page or so with mine, which was kinda sad.

Although I'm not worried about mine; I've got an update 85% or so written that I just need to finish off and stick on the end of it to put some more life back into it. Sad how real life intrudes! But you never know when you'll see another Barsoom update... ;)


Unattainable Ideal
I'm still figuring out how to transition to "Part Two" of this SH. I want to make it as self-contained as possible so that people who start there don't HAVE TO come here. I think.

That's a good point. If it were me, and you can certainly feel free to completely ignore this and do as you please, but I'd start a new thread for Barsoom Tales part II, put a link to this thread in the first post, as well as a real quick blurb about who the characters (maybe as a bulleted list with the little title "Dramatis Personae" at the top) including NPCs and a super condensed summary of the action so far. I mean, real quick blurb. The entire thing no longer (if even that) than an average Story Hour episode.

And then just charge right in.

Or just charge right in anway. After all, you started this one without the benefit of the first several sessions and it hasn't hurt it any, right?

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