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Bat in the Attic blog figured out rough DTRPG Sales numbers.


I crit!
Basically he discovered that the 'order number', an id assigned to each sale, increments once per sale. By looking at how high that number goes he can sort of figure out how many sales Drive Thru has had.

For instance he estimates a high month in May of 2020 with over a million orders.

No idea of prices or products or even if all of those are actual sales vs tests. However it does give us an upper bound of sorts for Drive thru sales.

I think this also includes all the various drive thru sites, so cards and fiction are probably include.


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Well, that was fun
Staff member
Does it include free items? Because our free items have been downloaded a LOT. Plus at-cost Kickstarter fulfillment is often done through DTRPG.

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