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Kickstarter Battle Tank: Escape From Giant Robot Island Kickstarter is live.


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I'm somewhat amazed there are zero posts in this forum but hey, first time for everything!

If you like giant robots shooting rockets at tanks and heavily armored tanks sometimes just running those robots over then this is a game for you.

Battle Tank: Escape from Giant Robot Island is a modular strategy board game which pits battle tanks against giant robots. One player chooses to play as Dr. Victor von Mechanstein, a twisted evil genius with a penchant for giant mechanical death machines, who will use his robots to prevent the escape of Sgt. Stammel and his soldiers. The other players each crew a Battle Tank as members of the sergeant’s platoon, and attempt to escape to the beaches of Giant Robot Island, blazing a trail of robotic wreckage along the way.

The game board is (7) hexagonal tiles that can be arranged in any orientation to form the island so that no two games need ever be exactly the same. The tanks all start at the volcano and try to get to the furthest edge while swarms of robots try to blast them. The tanks have the advantage of heavy armor so they are hard to take out but the robots are legion and more appear every turn. Luckily they are easy enough to destroy.

You can find out more about Battle Tank by watching the videos on the Kickstarter page as well as learn about Inspired Press on our website.

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Well, that was fun
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There are zero posts in the forum because I literally only just created it. It's for selling your second-hand gaming stuff, though, not for product announcements, so I'll slide this over to Tabletop where it's a better fit.

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