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WOIN Battlemage and soak question


Eternally Eternal
Hello all! Its me again. This time with a question about the Battlemage from O.L.D and Natural Soak.

I think i actually know this one, but after a discussion with one of my players i thought i should double check. Natural Soak of 5 or more will protect you from some environmental effects. Does this count for Acidic environments as well since Natural soak works for acid damage?

And the Battlemage question pertains to the Arcane Shield. I assume that it is like armor in that it gives you soak but does not protect from environmental effects like standing in the desert or the arctic since it does not specify any kind of environmental or elemental protection. Is this correct?

Thank you guys for the help! Love the product and cant wait for more.

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Just a tourist passing your way...
Hi there; I´ll try to answer as rule-wise as possible, but in my opinion WOIN is full of little open questions without real answers; I love it nontheless.

If you don´t get 5 SOAK (acid), it won´t help within acidic environments.

Arcane shield is, im my opinion, magical SOAK without specific kind of protection.

A kind word about the battle mage - I don´t allow it in my campaign. Fire mage + battle mage leads to a way too powerfull combination of exploit-based area damage + burn. Also, there is no better defensive exploit in any other career - but why?
In the SSRD they already changed some exploits in very interesting ways.




Eternally Eternal
Thank you! Also thank you for the advice, its something I have been thinking about with my own game so its nice to know i wasnt alone in my questions.

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