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Battlezoo Bestiary
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The Battlezoo Bestiary is the long-awaited effort of the 2020 RPG Superstar contest, in which hundreds of monster fans and aspiring designers submitted their most creative creature ideas to be judged by both professional RPG Designers and the community. Following the competition's extended hiatus, Paizo licensed the maker of the long-running Roll For Combat actual play podcast to run this hallowed contest, with the final result in front of your very eyes, the Battlezoo Bestiary!

Award-Winning Monsters! Hundreds of vile creatures were submitted to the contest, and after a rigorous voting process, the best of the worst were carefully selected and ranked by their awfulness -- it was sort of like a beauty contest... you know, but for monsters.

In the end, over 100 monsters were selected, winners were declared, and there was much rejoicing. But here at Roll For Combat, we weren't done. Oh no, not by a long shot, there was much work still to be done!

Refining the Monsters! Yes, these monsters were terrible. Yes, these monsters were awful. Yes, these monsters could kill you with their breath alone. But we wanted more. So we hired the half-man/half-monster RPG Developer Patrick Renie to give them that extra spit and polish and make them the nastiest monsters they could be. Plus, we invited the top five winners to expand their entries further, adding yet more beasts to their family of wickedness. In the end, the final count was 114 monsters of all shapes, sizes, and smells.

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