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[BDG] DawningStar.Com Launch

We've just launched our new website, DawningStar.Com, dedicated to our upcoming Dawning Star Campaign Setting. The site kicks things off with a 22-page free preview for download, which includes the cover, intro, and chapter 1.

Operation Quick Launch, the pdf version of the setting, focusing on the human colony on Eos, should be available for download in early December.

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The dawningstar.com site looks sweet. Too bad I'll have to wait until after Thanksgiving to view the pdf freebie. Gotta get off the computer before the family realizes I'm gone! ;)


First Post
Can anyone point me to the Dawning Star "The Edge of Shadow" PDF, please? I cannot seem to run it down anywhere. Thank You.

P.S. My browsers will not let me access dawningstar.com, saying it is unsafe.
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